Journey to our new home.


After a full day discovering Chicago on Saturday, we took off to our home in Fort Wayne the very next morning.

But not before we do a little shopping at Ikea! I noticed that Ikea doesn’t have that many outlets here in the USA. Even back in my home country, there’s only one store and it’s in the capital city, which is Kuala Lumpur.

I like Ikea because some of the things are cheap and very handy. I guess because we have to assemble the furniture ourselves, that’t why the price is low. Ikea cuts a lot of cost on the manpower in the assembly area.


I loved it when you said we didn’t have anything much at home because you wanted me to decorate our home. :,) I have always loved home decoration I even have Houzz app on my iPad and could spend the whole day looking at the beautiful designs and home. Ahhh.. Such peace to me.

Little did we know, you really didn’t have a lot at our home!

We spent almost 200 dollars at Ikea. Teehee. But we also get some plates for your daughters, Camille and Moriah. I noticed you always buy them soft toys.


Remember the office desk that we wanted but our car was already full with our luggage? And the thoughts of carrying all those things terrify us? HAHA! We are so alike! But we were planning to go back to Chicago the very next weekend, so we let the office desk go. Smart move!


See all those stuff? We have more in the back/. >.< And oh, that’s the monkey soft toy Adam brought with him to pick me up in Chicago! 😉

Throughout the long drive back to Fort Wayne, I’ve never seen huge corn fields in my whole life! They are just huge! I then learned that corn is the biggest crop plantation in the USA and the live stocks like chicken and cows are fed with corns. Mmm no wonder the meat is so juicy! I love it!


Journey home. It was quite a distance to go home from Chicago!


The cows are fat too. Back in my home country, the cows are much smaller than this, they actually reminds me of Skinny Cow. LOL.


We stopped by the petrol station and this dude just came from behind me and asked about my nationality. You remember that? You were still at the rows of drinks and he came by and said I was beautiful and thought I was a Korean!

Holy cow.

Which part of me looks Korean?

Koreans are fair and so beautiful and there I was, with my naturally tan skin and freckles all over my legs and arms. And my eyes are big too! Teehee. But that’s alright. He was nice and he got a cool ride too. A Mustang! My daddy loves Mustangs!


Remember I’ve never tried Dr. Pepper and we bought one for me? I tasted it and it taste like cough syrup and me no likey! You finished it up for me and you didn’t complain about it. I’m sorry I screwed your diet up with my Dr. Pepper.

And yes, I still holds on to my vow to never buy it anymore because I don’t think I’ll ever like the taste. :s I’m doing it for you too coz I don’t want you to end up drinking it. 😀

After 4 hours of driving, we finally made it home. It was a slow journey because we didn’t rush it. I hate rushing while we are on a long journey. It’s just not safe.

We are currently renting in a beautiful apartment. It has 2 bathrooms and each of us occupy one. Hehe. We just have A LOT of toiletries of our own and just didn’t want to get in each other’s way.

And of course, when it comes to nature calls, we dont have to fight for a bloody toilet bowl. Teehee.

Alright, I’m going to end this entry with my first morning view from our home.


Beautiful sky, innit? 

Thank you for an amazing journey home, sweetie. And also, thank you for driving us home safely. The journey is so worth it to come to a beautiful place of ours.

I love you.


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